Children of Restaurant Employees (CORE)

Supporting CORE at Vibe Conference

CORE is the charity of choice for the Vibe Conference. As many of you know, CORE was founded by members of the beverage vertical.  Your support over the years has helped to create CORE – a valuable resource to food and beverage service operations across the country.  As their visibility increases, they need our continued support.

CORE: 501(c)(3) a national non-profit that is dedicated to serving food and beverage employees with children to provide financial relief when either the employee or their child faces a health crisis, injury, death or natural disaster.  In 2020, CORE granted out $1.5M to help more than 500 families and 1100 children across the industry and country.  CORE grants to all 50 states and employees can apply on line for a grant or be referred.

For more than 10 years, CORE has partnered with Vibe Conference raising over $500,000 thanks to generous and supportive Vibe operators and sponsors. More information at